Due to the Covid-19 virus the Free Medical Clinic is presently serving our patients through Telehealth (Cell phone or video appointments) and no patients are allowed on clinic sites until further notice. If you need an appointment by way of Telehealth please contact us at 865.483.3904.

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I want to help people in my community.

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I gave $250 to the FMC and they turned that into over $30,000 worth of medical care! Wow, what a return on my gift! I plan on continuing my giving to this worthy mission.

What can I do, I thought? But I am finding out just a few hours a week to makes a difference in the lives of others! What a joy to be a part of the FMC family. I am making an impact with my life nor more than ever by helping others in my community, I’m having a blast!

I didn’t have the money to treat my Hep C illness. What was I going to do? The FMC not only provided me the medical care, lab work, and treatment for my health, but it cured me of Hep C! Not only did it make me healthy, but it gave me life! Thank you FMC, without you I don’t know what I would have done.

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