Supporter Testimonials

Eagle Bend has a culture of helping, and FMC is a good cause. We’re all a part of this community and it’s our responsibility to make sure our community is taken care of.

Ed Steinbach

General Manager, Eagle Bend Manufacturing

Patient Testimonials

The FMC has changed my life in a very positive way and I’m so appreciative.

Shanna P.

This clinic really helps a lot of people. Everyone is so nice. They treat me well, call me by name, ask me how I’m doing. And they’re nice to everyone who comes in the door. They treat us all with respect. I hope the donors who give money to the clinic know that if we didn’t have this place, some of us would not be here. We wouldn’t be able to see a doctor, and we wouldn’t be able to afford our medicines. The Free Medical Clinic paves the way for us to stay alive and get healthy.


I’m grateful to FMC for providing me with a new start and a new outlook on life. I have never been treated as well as at the Free Medical Clinic.” Barry knew he could either “get busy dying or get busy living” and he is certain that moving to Oak Ridge saved his life.

Barry C.

The nurse goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. This place is has been just awesome so far.

Stacy S.

Wonderful people wonderful concept…life saving for many of us

Debra M.

They have assisted me in getting my medications for years now.

Don M.

Great Drs. Great staff who know what they are doing

Maria G.

Excellent resource for those without insurance

Derek G.

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