Dr. James Henry

“I volunteer at the clinic for the satisfaction of helping someone who needs help. I’ve done this type of work for my whole professional career.”
Dr. James Michel

“There’s a large population in our community who do not have access to health care and the FMC provides a place for them to receive care. I’m a retired physician and working at the clinic allows me to help patients while staying in touch with the medical field. More importantly, I feel a tremendous personal satisfaction working with our patients.”
Jennifer Hoskins, FNP-BC

“I volunteer at the FMC in Harriman as a way to give back to my community. I hope to make a difference for patients and provide them excellent care.”
Dr. Kenneth Luckmann

“I see my work at the clinic as a way to give back to the community that has done so much for me. It’s a great way to pay back.”
Elise Eaton, FNP

Dr. Fred Barry

“It is an opportunity to give back to those in the community who need health care.”
Sara Overly

Sara enjoys her work at the clinics and working with the patients. Due to their circumstances, it is more challenging to find the affordable medications to treat them with. Sara encourages her patients to talk about their symptoms so she can learn more about their medical problems that have not been previously treated.
Bonnie Graham, FNP


Dr. James Reynolds


Dr. Joseph Crump


Suzanne Winzenburg, FNP


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